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Jumping Frog

"Jim Smiley loves to bet. He bets on anything from the death of Parson Walker's wife, to fights between his bulldog pup (named Andrew Jackson) and other dogs.

Once, Jim caught a frog and named it Dan'l Webster. For three months, he trained the frog to jump. At the end of those three months, the frog could jump over more ground than any other. Jim carried the frog around in a box.

One day, a stranger to the town asks Jim what is in his box. Jim says that it is a frog that can out jump any other frog in Calaveras County. The stranger looks at the frog and responds that the frog doesn't look any different than the other frogs of Calaveras County, so he mustn't be the best. The stranger tells Jim that if he had a frog, he'd bet $40 that his frog could beat Jim's.

Jim agrees to the bet, and he gives the box to the stranger to hold while Jim hunts for another frog for the stranger. While Jim is catching the stranger's frog, the stranger pours lead shot into the mouth of Jim's frog.

When Jim returns, he and the stranger arrange the frogs for the contest. They align the frogs evenly, and on the count of three they let them loose. The freshly-caught frog jumps away, but Dan'l Webster doesn't budge.

Jim is surprised and disgusted. He gives the money to the stranger and the stranger happily leaves. Jim wonders why Dan'l looks so heavy. He takes the frog and tips him upside down. The frog coughs up handfuls of shot. Jim sets the frog down, and chases after the stranger. The stranger is long gone, however, and Jim never catches him."

— Mark Twain, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.