Having producers from all over the world, with vastly different cultural backgrounds enables us to offer our clients, fresh perspectives, and multiple options in terms of artistic styles, platforms, distribution channels, venues and better pricing. Languages spoken include, English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Hindi, Sindhi, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Cliff Dew

Founder, Producer, Director, Writer, Consultant
Ryan Thomas

Management & Media Consultant, Entrepreneur & Author
SAM Samtani

Venture Capital, Global Marketing & Distribution, Product Development & Sourcing
Pato Yumas

Lead Animation Team – CGI, 2D & FLASHApps, Emerging Technologies & Artificial Intelligence
Ari Yumas

Director of Animation
Bernardo Merino Moreno

Producer, Audio / Video Engineer, Live Action, Panoramic Video, Mapping Scenography
Adela Kriland

Producer / Engineer – Video Mapping, Audiovisual Content, Event Operator Show Concepts, Stage Lighting Video and Pyro Design
Jeremy Kenisky

Augmented and Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Visual Effects, Emerging Technology
Sam Rosette

Virtual & Augmented Reality, Animation, Film, Special Effects
Mariana Martínez

Producer, Color Correction Grading Supervisor
Armando Ricalde “Doc”

Director of Technology, Pipeline Architect Compositor and VFX Supervisor
David Franco

The Music Man
Willians Ceroni

South America Sales Director
Máximo Ricardo

International Marketing & Sales Director
Steve Vajda

National Sales Manager
Sepi Karandish

Product Development & Retail Packaging Guru
Jeremy LeBlanc

Hospitality & Brand Ambassador
Don Stillman

VP of Content Marketing
Marco Cappellini

Producer, Director, Museum Exhibitions, Software Developer
Marin Petkov

CEO - MP-STUDIO, Projection Mapping
Marin Dimitrov

Production Manager - MP-STUDIO